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PipeDart Shake Proof Shackle 9.5mm Part Number: 3-SHK-9

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£11.40 Inc VAT

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  • Model: 3-SHK-9
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3kgs
  • Manufactured by: Dart Systems Ltd


High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 316. Shake Proof Shackles.

The new shake proof shackle has both heads threaded. The pin will not fall out, but may still be unscrewed from the partially threaded second head. The shake proof shackle pin incorporates an innovative polyurethane ring which enhances the fit of the shackle pin. Once in position the shackle pin will not vibrate loose. The shake proof shackle incorporates the new smart-lock pin. The pin benefits from a unique locking mechanism. When the pin is threaded into the shackle body the ring acts like a viscous liquid and binds itself to the internal threads in the shackle head. After a short period of time, the pin is locked in position. A sharp turn by hand or use of a shackle key will release the ring and allow the pin to be unscrewed very easily. The pin can be re-used without any deterioration.

Pin: 9.5mm
Body: 9.5mm
Jaw: 19mm
Inside: 38mm
Breaking Load: 4800Kgs
Weight: 97g

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