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Standard Rigid EndoscopeStandard Rigid Endoscope
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Standard Rigid Endoscope Part Number: 555 Series

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  • Model: 555 Series
  • Shipping Weight: 5kgs
  • Manufactured by: FORT


Standard Rigid Endoscope / Borescope 2.7mm/2.8mm Diameter

 These standard metal shaft Endoscopes form an optical rigid rod, they are equipped with the latest generation of optical lenses which guarantee a high quality image. Light is transmitted through a fibre bundle providing a high intensity light, which ever light source and cable arrangement you choose.

All the lenses are anti-glare treated to remove any phenomenon caused by excessive glare.

The instrument comes with a mechanical focusing ring as standard.

A separate light source and light guide will be required for this unit. The light guide connector is an industry standard connection.

A separate Mirror Tube is also available for this instrument which will allow the user to view images perpendicular to the endoscope shaft at either 90°or 70°. The user can rotate the mirror tube giving a true 360° capability to this instrument.

Part Number Description Diameter Length DOV FOV
555-010 Rigid Borescope 2.7mm 95mm 35°
555-012 Rigid Borescope 2.7mm 185mm 35°
555-100 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 125mm 40°
555-101 Ridgid Borescope 2.8mm 254mm 40°
555-102 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 383mm 40°
555-106 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 120mm 30° 90°
555-103 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 125mm 90°
555-104 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 254mm 90°
555-105 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 379mm 30° 90°
555-109 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 185mm 90° 55°
555-110 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 245mm 90° 55°
555-111 Rigid Borescope 2.8mm 314mm 90° 55°


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