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SeekTech SR-20 Utility Line Locator 21943 Part Number: 810-21943

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  • Model: 810-21943
  • Shipping Weight: 8kgs
  • Manufactured by: RIDGID


Locate underground utility lines with speed, accuracy and confidence.

SeekTech is the only line locator that uses multi-directional anntennas, guidance arrows and an easy to read mapping display to lead you quickly and accurately to the target line.

Use the SR-20 Receiver:

  • For tracing a line using a line transmitter (active tracing).
  • For tracing a line using the locator only (passive tracing).
  • For finding a camera system (if equipped with a transmitter):
  • All SeeSnake Inspection cameras (512Hz) Also finds 33kHz & 640Hz transmitters.
  • For finding a sonde attached to a cable, jetting hose.

Graphic Display:

  • LCD Screen.
  • Automatic depth reading (even in passive modes).
  • Auto backlight.
  • All the information you need on one screen.
  • Omniseek: combines electric (<4Hz) & passive radio (4-35Hz) locating in one mode. The locator auto selects the best bandwidth. You can see multiple lines on one screen.


  • Weight: 1.8kg.
  • Power source: 4 x C Batteries.
  • Standard Frequencies:

                    Sonde: 16Hz, 512Hz, 640Hz, 16kHz & 33kHz

                    Active Line Trace: 128Hz, 1Khz, 8Khz & 33kHz

                    Passive AC Line Trace: Power - 50/60Hz; Radio - 4-15kHz and 15-36kHz.

You can programme any frequency you want up to 35kHz!

Graphic Display:

  • The display gives you real-time and complete information on the signal you are tracing.
  • The number increases as you approach the target line.
  • The line on the screen turns when the traced line turns. You have an arrow on screen that tells you to go left or right.


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