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Ridgid 37343 K-45AF-5 Drain Cleaning Gun 110V Part Number: 411-37343

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  • Model: 411-37343
  • Shipping Weight: 13kgs
  • Manufactured by: RIDGID


For 3/4" (20mm) to 2 1/2" (75mm) Drain Lines

The K-45 family of Drain Guns are the professional's choice for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4" (20mm) to 2 1/2" (75mm). The K-45AF-5 opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, urinals and tub/shower drains.

The K-45AF offers:

  • Variable Speed Operation - Fully variable from 0-600 RPM to give the user complete control in every situation.
  • Leak Resistant - Inner drum prevents leakage to keep job site clean.
  • Quick acting Slide Chuck - to efficiently remove blockages, Inner drum design virtually eliminates cable flip-over in the drum and allows for quick cable change out, Premium quality, compression wound inner core cable combines strength and flexibility to resist kinking.
  • Ergonomic handgrip - for optimal operation.
  • lightweight, easy-to-use, no setup required
  • Two-piece twist lock canister with interchangeable inner drum
    • Makes cable changeout simple; easy to match the right cable to the job
    • Inner drum prevents water leaks and greatly reduces cable flip-over inside the drum
    • Drums won't rust or dent - Ever!


The Advanced 2-way AUTOFEED lets you clean drains better and faster than ever before - keeps hands off the cable and gives you total control to completely work through blockages and retrieve obstructions.

  • Reduce Job Time by 15% - Advance and retrieve cable without stopping to reverse motor.
  • Better Results - Quickly work back and forth through the blockage to completely clear the line.


Motor Rating:             110V, single phase, AC, 3.2 amp, 50/60 Hz

Operating Speed:        0-600RPM

Drain Line Capacity:   3/4" (20mm) to 2 1/2" (75mm)

Drum Capacity:           50' (15m) of 5/16" (8mm), 35' (11m) of 3/8" (10mm)

Weight :      34lbs (15.4Kgs)

Includes:     C-1IC Cable with Bulb Auger 5/16" (8mm )x 25' (7.6m), C-6 Cable with Male Coupling (3/8" (10mm) x 35' 10.7m)), A-13 Pin Key, T-203 Bulb Auger, T-205 "C" Cutter, T-210 Spade Cutter, T-217 Drop Head Auger & C-6429 Carrying Case.

Includes RIDGID drain cleaning gloves and operators manual

CSA Approved, Tested to UL Standards.

Catalogue Number: 37343

Accessories:  (Contact the Office for Price & Availability)

Cat No: Model No: Description
68917 K-45 Inner Drum
89410 C-6429 Carrying Case
76817   C-6 Cable Kit inc: Inner Drum, C-6 Cable,
    Torque Arm, T-250 Tool Set
98072   C-6IC Cable Kit inc: Inner Drum, C-6IC Cable,
    Torque Arm, T-250 Tool Set
23908 A-39/45AF A-39/K-45AF Drum Front & AUTOFEED Assembly
23913   Replacement AUTOFEED Cartridge


Cat No: Model No: Description:
62225 C-1 25' (7.62m) with Bulb Auger
56782 C-1 IC 5/16" x 25' (7.62m) Inner Core with Bulb Auger
89400 C-21 50' (15.24m) with Bulb Auger
56792 C-13 IC 35' (10.67m) Inner Core with Bulb Auger
62235 C-21 25' (7.62m) with Drop Auger
56787 C-2 IC 25' (7.62m) Inner Core with Drop Head Auger
89405 C-22 50' (15.24m) with Drop Head Auger
56797 C-23 IC 35' (10.67m) with Drop Head Auger
62245 C-4 25' (7.62m) with Male Coupling
62250 C-5 35' (10.67m) with Bulb Auger
62260 C-6 35' (10.67m) with Male Coupling
96037 C-6 IC 35' (10.67m) Inner Core with Male Coupling
50647 S-1 15' with Bulb Auger
50652 S-2 25' with Bulb Auger
50657 S-3 35' with Bulb Auger

 K-45AF Drain Cleaning Machine Data Sheet

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