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Ridgid 36163 Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector Part Number: 411-36163

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  • Model: 411-36163
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7kgs
  • Manufactured by: RIDGID


The RIDGID® micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector provides simple and quick readings to identify the presence of combustible gases. With adjustable sensitivity, even low-levels of gases can be detected in seconds. It ensures proper gas line installations, checks for maintenance and repair needs and quickly pinpoints combustible gas leaks.


Weight:                      0.45Kg

Gas Detection range:   0-6400ppm (methane)

Sensitivity:                   High & Low (5 levels each)

Alarms:                        Visible, Audible and Vibration Alert

Visible Alarm:              Display: 5 red LED's

Audible Alarm:            85 db, increasing ticking rate proportional to gas levels

Vibration Alert:           Standard

Response Time:          < 2 seconds

Warm up Calibration & Time:      Automatic, 50 seconds max

Sensor:                         Plug-in, field replaceable

Probe:                         Yes, 50cm

Power Source:             4 x AA Batteries (included)

Detected Gases:

Methane, Hydrogen, Propane, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene, Ethane, Hexane, Benzene, Iso-Butane, Ethanol, Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Toluene, P-Xylene, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide & Common mixtures of Natural Gas & Gasoline etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tri-Mode detection for quick and clear alerts in any (noisy/bright/dark) environment
  • 50cm flexible probe for extended reach and accessibility of hard-to-reach and potentially dangerous areas
  • Adjustable sensitivity for quick and precise leak locating
  • Instant detection of most common combustible gases, allowing usability in a wide range of applications
  • Ruggede design to withstand harsh jobsite conditions
  • Catalogue Number: 36163

  RIDGID CD-100 Gas Detector PDF

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