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Blocked drains can cause health problems for those inside the property, create a horrible odour, and ultimately lead to permanent damage, so any blockages that do occur need to be inspected then removed as soon as possible.

Sewers can easily be checked by sending someone down, but this is often impractical and always unwelcome; drains which lack such generous dimensions are clearly impossible to survey without the use of a camera. It is for these reasons that companies invest in high-end blockage inspection cameras.

If you need to inspect the cause of a blockage in drains that are of a small diameter or include lots of bends and turns, we recommend using a DartEye Drain Inspection Camera. These use a self-levelling camera head attached to a length of heavy-duty cabling that comes in measurements of either 60m or 120m, with a skid ball supplied to let you snake the camera head down 4" pipes. Versatile and robust, the inspection camera plays a live-feed on an integrated 5" TFT LCD screen allowing you to inspect blocked drains at a distance, though all information can be recorded onto an SD card.


Alternative to DartEye Drain Inspection Cameras

Alternatively, the SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera System uses a rigid pole, and is perfect for lowering into and inspecting larger drains or manholes, either before a team of workers descends or to check whether any blockages are present. This means that blockage inspections can be carried out from ground level, saving time and possibly removing the need for anyone to personally enter the drainage system.

Fully versatile, blockage inspection cameras can also be used to check high areas of a property, such as the gutters, and can even switch to infra-red imaging to provide clear black and white images at distances of up to 50ft. The pole itself extends to 4m and telescopes down to 1.2m, so you can work without having to worry about height regulations, and the camera head is fitted with a unique friction joint to allow articulation between 0° and 110°.

A blockage inspection camera system is vital if you’re to receive a proper visual survey of any drain blockages, whether they be in easy to reach areas or along a length of small-diameter piping.

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