We recently visited a major car manufacturer who was having problems getting access with a standard Industrial Videoscope or endoscopes to the cylinder of their diesel engine. Typically with petrol engines you can access the cylinder and view the piston crown, cylinder wall and valves through the spark plug hole which is 14mm diameter. This allows plenty of space to access the cylinder and using the articulation on the Videscopes listed you are able to carry out a thorough inspection (looking back up at valves etc.) without the additional labour involved in removing the cylinder head.

RF Systems VJ ADViRis DVR 5 4mm

RF Systems VJ-ADV Videoscope 6.9mm

IT Concepts iRis DVR 5 6mm Diameter

With a diesel engine we had to use the injector holes at 4mm diameter to gain access, currently the customer has to strip the engines to investigate any problems. But we used the smaller diameter Videoscope’s at 3.9mm to be able gain access and give good images of the scoring on the cylinder walls.

RF Systems VJ-ADV Videoscope 3.9mm

IT Concepts iRis DVR 5 4mm Diameter