Cavity Wall Inspection Cameras

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Cavity wall inspection cameras use a robust borescope to look into the gaps that exist between walls. They can be inserted through tiny drill-holes, as small as 10mm with the SECA inspection camera, then rotated to provide a comprehensive view of the cavity space without having to open up the wall itself. This is necessary for a wide range of reasons, but the majority of cavity wall inspections concern themselves with either wall ties, dry rot, or pest control.


Wall Tie

Older homes with exposed brickwork use metal ties than can often rust and fail. If these wall ties are suspected to be corroded, often due to a crack in the wall, a cavity inspection camera should be used to create a viewing window. Using the camera, an inspector will be able to look at ties within the cavity, and can even show the owner what and where the problem is. Surveyors usually identify the possibility of corroded ties when a property is about to be sold, so it’s worth having a property checked before that happens. A cavity wall inspection camera will perform this job perfectly.


Dry Rot

Wood decay caused by certain species of fungi is known as dry rot; essentially, it removes the parts of the wood that give it its strength and durability. Dry rot can travel through building materials other than timber, something that ‘wet rot’ cannot do, so it is imperative for a proper cavity inspection to be carried out if dry rot is suspected. There’s no need to be too invasive when checking for dry rot; a cavity wall inspection camera can be used to carry out a survey.


Pest Control

Common household pets, such as cockroaches, like to make their homes in areas that are dark, warm, and uninhabited, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they find wall cavities to be particularly pleasant. Trying to locate a nest is made easier with a borescope cavity inspection camera; small, easily-fillable holes can be made in each wall until the main area is located, and the unobtrusive nature of such cameras won’t scare pests to another part of the house before they can be dealt with.

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