Dart strengthens range with RIDGID products!

Dart Systems, the specialists renowned for their Inspection camera products, are strengthening and expanding their product range by offering RIDGID Drain Cleaning equipment. 

Managing Director Stuart Arkell says, “We have always been involved with cleaning equipment, but our close relationship with RIDGID now means that we can focus on what we consider to be the best products on the market.  We are also supporting the product range by providing help and advice, spares, repairs and of course stock availability. It also sits well with our ethos of being a provider of total solutions for hidden problems".

Dart are currently re-launching their Drain Cleaning range by offering deals on all RIDGID equipment, including the K-45, one particular RIDGID workhorse no technician should be without!


By recognising and ‘designing-out’ most of the problems encountered by users of similar devices, RIDGID have developed a product that is packed with performance enhancing features, solving many common issues and consistently delivering both on savings in time, and returns on what is a relatively modest investment.

Made to cater for ¾” (20mm) to 2½” (75mm) drains, the K-45 is suitable for use on projects such as sinks, shower trays and urinals. This makes it the perfect tool for both domestic and light commercial work including hospitals, hotels, catering environments and laundries, for example.

Versatile and easy to use, the K-45 boasts a patented two-way, variable speed (0-600rpm) AUTOFEED® function. This unique feature enables gentle cable advancement, when required, followed by the easy retrieval of obstacles by the simple push of a lever. There’s no need to stop and reverse the motor. This results in operational time savings, with the added bonus of helping to keep hands and the work area clean.

Other features that make the K-45 a sound investment are the two-piece twist lock canister and interchangeable inner drum. These features help prevent leakage and cable flip-over. Plus, because these components are made of tough plastic, they also help to avoid product damage through denting and rusting through prolonged use. The knock-on effect of which is extended product life. 

The inner drums are available with 6mm, 8mm and 10mm width cables, in up to 50’ lengths, along with a variety of tools and augers. All the cables are manufactured with a tough inner core that is wrapped in vinyl. This provides added cable flexibility, improving performance on bends and traps, whilst helping to avoid ‘kinking’. It also prolongs the life of the cable. 

For more information on our offers or a demonstration call Dart Systems Ltd on 01761 432041 or emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.