ATEX approved cameras systems are being requested more often for use in hazardous sewer environments, petrochemical plants, areas with a potential explosive environment and with live gas line inspection. 

Dart Systems Ltd are pleased to announce that the RIDGID Mini SeeSnake Reel has now been granted an ATEX rating of EX II 3 G  Ex ic nA IIC T6 Gc Tamb 0°C to 40°C

The Mini SeeSnake Reel is designed for 1 1/2" to 8" (40 - 200mm) Lines up to 100' (30m)

Ideal for where portability and maneuverability are crucial: multi-story buildings, rooftops, confined areas etc

8mm diameter pushcable

30mm Self-Leveling Camera head with 18 LED's

Includes built-in 512Hz locating Sonde

This reel can be used with various monitors as detailed below:-

For more information or to request a demonstration please contact the office on 01761-432041

                                   mini seesnake prod image