Dart Systems Ltd have just announced a Sales Offer on their VJ Articulating Videoscope range. Price reductions from 12% to 32% (depending on model) makes this an unbelievable offer!

The VJ Articulating Videoscope is a 4 way Steerable Inspection Camera with a thumb activated joystick to traverse through pipes/engines/castings etc and point the camera head at the exact spot that needs inspecting. Still images and Video clips can be captured and stored to an SD card for group discussion on a computer or emailed to required recipients. Powered by 4 x AA batteries or by mains supply this unit is a must for any inspection team requiring the ability to probe previously inaccessible areas.

VJ-ADV 2.8mm dia x 1m videoscope now only £6,750.00

VJ-ADV 3.9mm dia x 1.5m videoscope now just £5,650.00; VJ-ADV 3.9mm x 3m videoscope now only £6,650.00

VJ-ADV 6.9mm dia x 1.5m videoscope now down to £4,300.00; VJ-ADV 6.9mm dia x 3m videoscope now only £4,850.00; VJ-ADV 6.9mm dia x 5m videoscope now just £6,500.00

For more information or to book a free no obligation demonstration please contact the Office on 01761-432041

2.8mm                 VJ ADV              STR2