Dart Systems Ltd manufacture the SECA Telescopic Pole Search Camera in 2 versions.

A 2.5m unit which extends from 0.85m to 2.5m and a 4m unit which extends from 1.2m to 4m.

These units are designed for the Border Force Agencies, Security Industry, Utilities, Emergency services and Sports Arena's.

The Infra-red camera provides a clear high resolution colour image in daylight and switches to infra-red in low-light to provide clear black & white images at a distance up to 50ft.

Typical Applications:-
Security Surveillance - Viewing the tops of Articulated Lorries for activity at night, Under vehicle searches (with optional search wheel), Inspection of lorries / sea containers for hideaways, or mis-described loads.
Utilities/Sports Arena's - Man Hole/Drain Inspection before descending or deploying fall arrest gear.  Site and height inspections can be carried out from ground level.
Emergency Services - Collapsed Building Inspection and safety checks, Covert Surveillance, Tactical Team Observation System.

            *As supplied to MCC at Lord's Cricket Ground*

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