Engine Inspection Cameras

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Engines are highly complex pieces of machinery that are put under immense amounts of pressure, and not just day after day, but year after year. Even the smallest flaw can cause an engine to fail, and it can be incredibly hard to diagnose the issue without using an engine inspection camera.


What types of inspection cameras are there?

There are several types of engine inspection camera, though most will be steerable articulated cameras. These inspection cameras use a flexible, small-diameter borescope or endoscope that can be manipulated remotely via a controller, with an engine inspection camera on one end and an eyepiece or recording device on the other. The result is a camera that enjoys the flexibility to reach areas that your eyes could not, all while being able to control the camera’s orientation and record images for future use.

This means that the engine block itself will not have to be dismantled in order for a problem to be diagnosed, with uses including:

  • Routine engine inspection to identify and then fix any possible problem areas before they turn into a major issue
  • Tracking parts of either an air or fluid system in order to find blockages or leaks.
  • The inspection of valves for signs of corrosion, wear and tear, or seal damage.
  • The inspection of pistons and piston rings for leakage and general wear and tear.
  • The inspection of internal welds, castings, and other seals.
  • The inspection of interior rocker panels and bodywork for signs or rust or damage.
  • The inspection of fuel lines and exhaust lines.
  • Locating small lost or broken parts which are somewhere inside the engine block.

With an engine inspection camera, all of these tasks can be carried out easily, and the articulating cameras available from Dart allow technicians to record still images and video. These can be shown to the owner of a vehicle in order to display the damage to them, but are also useful for planning repair work and creating before and after shots.

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