Gutter Cameras

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Unclean gutters can cause a number of problems. One small blockage can cause rainwater to mix with fallen branches and leaves, eventually forming a dense mess in which moss and mould can gain a foothold.

The added weight can begin to pull the gutters away from the house, possibly letting moisture inside the structure in the process, and forms an ideal habitat for all manner of pests. Using a telescopic gutter inspection camera is becoming a more and more popular way to conduct gutter cleaning inspections, especially when a large commercial property needs to be inspected. It clearly pays to understand what you’re up against before you start cleaning gutters, but this used to mean sending someone up a ladder; since these remain stationary, checks need to be laboriously carried out at numerous different points along the edge of a roof.


Take advantage of telescopic gutter inspection cameras

Nowadays, a telescopic gutter inspection camera can be walked slowly around the property in far less time, providing an unbroken video recording of the gutters for a team to look at before starting work. This saves a huge amount of time, but it also protects workers from the dangers of using a ladder and owners from the problems that can come along with health and safety concerns.

Once the information is collected, it can be analysed to decide whether any further action is necessary. In many cases, carrying out a quick inspection with a pole-mounted gutter camera will allow you to pinpoint potential problems early. The information that you collect can also be passed on to a colleague or client; the use of pictures means that everyone gets an accurate view, with nobody having to rely upon the description of another worker. It’s also useful to be able to record the difference between the state of the gutters prior to cleaning and after cleaning.


Advantages of SECA Wireless HV Search Camera

One of the most popular gutter camera systems is the SECA Wireless HV Search Camera, which uses a fully waterproof monitor, records onto an SD card, and works wirelessly, with no cables needed to connect the controls to the camera. Able to view images up to a range of 50 meters, and specially designed to carry out inspections of overhead structures, the SECA camera is one of the best for inspecting gutters.

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