Pest Inspection Cameras

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Any pest inspection team worth their salt will tell you that seeing a bug running across your floor is like seeing the tip of an iceberg; simply put, the biggest part of any infestation is the part that you are not seeing. Pests, after all, have evolved to go unnoticed; they typically find dark, undisturbed places to be their ideal environment, and will generally move around at times when humans are asleep.

That’s why a good pest inspection team will use a cutting-edge pest inspection camera to gauge the extent of an infestation and decide how best to work against it.


How to use pest inspection camera

A pest inspection camera can be inserted through a small hole drilled in a wall. It will then relay information back in real-time to let you see exactly where pests are lurking within wall voids. The Dart Cavity Inspection Camera, for example, takes high quality video and still shots, then displays them on a 5" LCD High resolution screen; high intensity LED lighting strongly illuminates the area up to 1.5m, and information can be stored on an SD card. 90° view, 0° view, forward view, and dual probe options allow pest control technicians the versatility to handle any job with confidence.

Alternatively, telescopic pole cameras can be used to investigate less confined areas. This is particularly useful if you own or run a large commercial property, which could have larger areas above ceiling tiles and between floors. We stock poles up to 4m in length, so you should be able to get a pest inspection camera to even the loftiest nook or deepest drain. We can also build a systems which will reach up to 10m with sectional poles.

When the information has been recorded, it can be used to determine exactly what kind of intervention is needed to combat the problem. The images and video that has been taken on the inspection camera can be shown to the owners of the property. If you need to make a report, all the information collected can be made into a thorough statement. Pests can’t hide from unobtrusive cameras, and using one comes with a whole host of additional benefits.

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