Q: Are the lights adjustable? A: Yes there is an adjustable switch on the hub.

Q: Does this unit need calibrating every year? A: No there is nothing on the systems that requires calibrating.

Q: Every time I record I have 2 files of the same name saved to the SD Card! A: You need to go into Settings and change Channel 2 to False.

Q: I have a Blue screen and the LED light is Red? A: Press SEL on the right hand menu to get back to the correct channel.

Product Accessories

Mini DartEye 26mm S/L Drain Inspection Camera System

For 1 1/2" (38mm) to 4" (100mm) drain lines.

The Mini DartEye Pipeline Drain Inspection Camera (aka Gulley Camera) has been designed with the end user in mind. The system is versatile, robust & easy to transport with the additional benefit of a detachable monitor and can be stood upright or laid down while being used or stored.

The Mini DartEye comes as standard with a 26mm diameter Self Levelling camera head, 30m cable length, 7 hour Battery life (with a Mains Power Option) and SD Card Recording. A 33kHz High Output Sonde is included behind the Camera head and can be located using any Cable Locator set to 33kHz frequency. Lighting is supplied by 6 fully adjustable Ultra Bright LED lights.  The reel has a Safety Brake/Stop function which, once enabled, ensures the rod and cage does not move, very useful whilst discussing the image on screen.

The DS100 Monitor has a 5mm Polycarbonate Protective Cover over the LCD screen to protect against any damage or accidental knocks.

The Stainless Steel Camera Heads are rated IP68 to 10bar.


26mm dia S/L Camera Head

Stainless Steel Construction

High Impact Sapphire Lens

5" TFT LCD Screen

Removable Monitor

30m Cable Length - (45m available on request)

7 Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Life

SD Card Recording (32GB)

6 Ultra Bright Fully Adjustable LED Lights

Battery Meter

AV Out Socket

Reel Brake



5" TFT LCD screen

MPEG/JPEG format recording

SD Card Recording up to 32GB

Integral Lithium-Ion battery (7hr battery life)

WiFi connectivity (depending on configuration)

Text Editor & Keyboard (depending on configuration)

Rated to IP54

Weight 2kg

Camera Head

Stainless Steel Housing

26mm diameter - Self Levelling

Integral 33kHz Sonde (depending on configuration)

6 Ultra Bright LED's - Fully Adjustable

High Impact Sapphire Lens

Rated to IP68 to 10bar


Powder coated and Zinc plated for ultimate rust protection

Easy to use guide rod

30m x 6.7mm dia cable

Reel brake to secure reel as required

Mini DartEye Total Weight: 10Kgs

Dimensions: 51cm x 44cm x 26cm


Available Configurations:

Part No        Camera Head           Meter Counter           Sonde            Text Editor             Keyboard            WiFi

565-900           Fixed                              NO                       NO                   NO                            NO                    NO

565-901           Fixed                              YES                     YES                  NO                            NO                   NO

565-902           Fixed                              YES                     YES                  YES                          YES                 YES

565-920           S/L                                  NO                       NO                   NO                            NO                   NO

565-921           S/L                                  YES                     YES                  NO                           NO                   NO

565-922           S/L                                  YES                     YES                  YES                         YES                 YES 

Packing Dimensions: 60cm x 34cm x 48cm

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Mini DartEye S/L 26mm dia Drain Camera with Sonde, Meter Counter, Text Editor, Keyboard & WiFi 30m

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