Q: Are the lights adjustable? A: Yes there is an adjustable switch on the hub.

Q: Does this unit need calibrating every year? A: No there is nothing on the systems that requires calibrating.

Q: Every time I record I have 2 files of the same name saved to the SD Card! A: You need to go into Settings and change Channel 2 to False.

Q: I have a Blue screen and the LED light is Red? A: Press SEL on the right hand menu to get back to the correct channel.

Product Accessories

Mini DartEye 26mm S/L Drain Inspection Camera System

For 1 1/2" (38mm) to 4" (100mm) drain lines.

The Mini DartEye Pipeline Drain Inspection Camera (aka Gulley Camera) has been designed with the end user in mind. The system is versatile, robust & easy to transport with the additional benefit of a detachable monitor and can be stood upright or laid down while being used or stored.

The Mini DartEye comes as standard with a 26mm diameter Self Levelling camera head, 30m cable length, 7 hour Battery life (with a Mains Power Option) and SD Card Recording. A 33kHz High Output Sonde is included behind the Camera head and can be located using any Cable Locator set to 33kHz frequency. Lighting is supplied by 6 fully adjustable Ultra Bright LED lights.  The reel has a Safety Brake/Stop function which, once enabled, ensures the rod and cage does not move, very useful whilst discussing the image on screen.

The DS100 Monitor has a 5mm Polycarbonate Protective Cover over the LCD screen to protect against any damage or accidental knocks.

The Stainless Steel Camera Heads are rated IP68 to 10bar.

The Mini DartEye comes with an Extended 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty


26mm dia S/L Camera Head

Stainless Steel Construction

High Impact Sapphire Lens

5" TFT LCD Screen

Removable Monitor

30m Cable Length - (45m available on request)

7 Hour Lithium-Ion Battery Life

SD Card Recording (32GB)

6 Ultra Bright Fully Adjustable LED Lights

Battery Meter

AV Out Socket

Reel Brake



5" TFT LCD screen

MPEG/JPEG format recording

SD Card Recording up to 32GB

Integral Lithium-Ion battery (7hr battery life)

WiFi connectivity (depending on configuration)

Text Editor & Keyboard (depending on configuration)

Rated to IP54

Weight 2kg

Camera Head

Stainless Steel Housing

26mm diameter - Self Levelling

Integral 33kHz Sonde (depending on configuration)

6 Ultra Bright LED's - Fully Adjustable

High Impact Sapphire Lens

Rated to IP68 to 10bar


Powder coated and Zinc plated for ultimate rust protection

Easy to use guide rod

30m x 6.7mm dia cable

Reel brake to secure reel as required

Mini DartEye Total Weight: 10Kgs

Dimensions: 51cm x 44cm x 26cm


Available Configurations:

Part No        Camera Head           Meter Counter           Sonde            Text Editor             Keyboard            WiFi


565-920           S/L                                  NO                       NO                   NO                            NO                   NO

565-921           S/L                                  YES                     YES                  NO                           NO                   NO

565-922           S/L                                  YES                     YES                  YES                         YES                 YES 

Packing Dimensions: 60cm x 34cm x 48cm

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Mini DartEye S/L 26mm dia Drain Camera with Sonde, Meter Counter, Text Editor, Keyboard & WiFi 30m

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