• Cable Grips/Socks

Cable Grips / Socks

For pulling cables or other cylindrical objects through pipes.

Cable Grips, also known as Cable Socks, Cable Stockings or Chinese Fingers are hand woven using galvanized stranded high tensile steel wire. These cable grips are used whenever a cable or other cylindrical object needs to be pulled and can also make drain or pipe installation fast and efficient.

The Socks are available as Standard Single Eye, Single Weave (sizes 4mm - 32mm) and Single Eye, Double Weave (sizes 30mm - 110mm)

Available on request are:

  • Double Eye, Double Weave
  • Single Eye, Lace Up, Double Weave
  • Double Eye, Lace Up, Double Weave

Socks are also available made from Stainless Steel

Galvanised Steel Socks
Size Range                         Length                         Minimum Breaking Strain

4-6mm                                 220mm                             134Kg

6-10mm                               260mm                             207Kg

10-13mm                             370mm                             390Kg

13-16mm                             410mm                             567Kg

16-19mm                             520mm                             814Kg

19-25mm                             550mm                             1174Kg

25-32mm                             580mm                             1854Kg

30-40mm                             900mm                             3696Kg

40-50mm                             900mm                             5376Kg

50-65mm                             900mm                             5490Kg

65-80mm                             900mm                             7320Kg

80-95mm                             900mm                             7320Kg

95-110mm                           900mm                             10613Kg

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Cable Grips/Socks

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