• S3000 Crawler System

The S3000 CCTV PipelIne Inspection system is a crawler based Pan & Tilt system specifically designed for DN150 to DN1000mm pipes but is powerful enough to work in pipes up to DN1400mm. Standard cable range is 200m although a 250m option is also available.

Camera Specification

Construction: Stainless Steel 303 grade and Aluminium HE30 anodised with waterproof rear connector

Image: High quality, CMOS, system on chip (SOC) image sensor, 720 x 576 active pixels >420 TV lines PAL TV system

Senistivity: 0.5 lux

LED: High power 5th generation LED lighting. Protected with domed lens for even light distribution. 2 x 500 lumens intensity @600mA

Dimensions: Diameter 75mm, Length 180mm, Weight 1.2Kg

Crawler Specification

Construction: Brass CZ121 grade body with Stainless Steel 303 grade fittings & housing for cable and camera attachment. Quad sealed axles.

Motor: 48 volt DC Motor with planetary gearbox providing 15Nm output torque

Drive: 4 wheel drive with chain transmission to rear axle

Dimensions: Length 445mm, Width 108mm

Electrical: 19 pin Amphenol type connetor at front and rear for cable & camera connection. Fischer Environmental connectors for top mounting extension lead

Accessories: Adjustable gantry to enable top mounting camera for large diameter surveys

Wheels: 137mm diameter wheel set for 225 dia & above; 206mm dia wheel set for 300mm dia & above; Optional Pnuematic wheel set for 800mm dia & above. Wheel spacer set 60mm long to enable various configurations.

Inclinometer: Module sends data to OSD for display of pipe gradient (Optional component)

Control Unit Specification

Construction: All electronics & control systems are housed inside a durable and portable PELI type case, weight 13Kg


  • 6 page text OSD, to display general info, counter info & inclinometer info. Also provides data to a PC running WinCan software
  • 10.4" TFT monitor at 800 x 600 resolution. Set in a flip up housing and an optically clear acrylic perspex window
  • A custom designed control panel and keyboard. Silicon rubber design with epoxy coated and coloured control pads for Camera, Crawler and DVR operation. A 78 key QWERTY keyboard, Digital step speed and light power.
  • Minimum 500GB Hard Disc Drive.
  • The integral Digital Video Recorder captures and encodes the incoming video to MPEG2 codec and can save the files to a USB memory stick, which can be easily connected to the unit on the main control panel.
  • Auto sensing 110v or 240v mains or 1KVA generator power inlet

Cable & Drum Specification

Construction: Multicore, Kevlar reinforced cable with 75ohm coax. A polyeurathane 4350 flame retardant, halogen free jacket and Kevlar braid for strain relief

Stainless Steel wet cable end with internal strain relief

Connector: 19 pin Amphenol type with o-ring sealing & Stainless Steel locking ring

Diameter: 9.6mm

Length: 200m standard, 250m option

Minimum Bend Radius 150mm

Cable Drum Construction: Mild Steel power coated tubular construction with aluminium bobbin and counter mechanics. A cast iron winding handle & Stainless Steel adjustable transport handle

Encoder: For distance measurement display


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S3000 Crawler System

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