• 4m Telescopic Pole Search Camera

Telescopic Pole Search Camera 4m

The new SECA Telescopic Pole Camera is a portable rugged inspection Telescopic Search camera which when used in conjunction with the DS100 monitor is designed for the Utilities and Emergency Services.

The Infra Red Camera provides clear high resolution colour images in daylight and switches to infra red in low light to provide clear black and white images at distances up to 50ft.  The camera is mounted on a telescopic pole with a collapsed length of 1.2 mtrs and extends up to 4 Mtrs allowing surveillance without having to worry about working at heights regulations or moving obstacles. (Telescopic Pole extendable to 18' is available on request)

The camera head is fitted with a unique friction joint allowing the head to be articulated between 0° and 110°.  Articulation can be achieved manually by adjusting the camera head against the friction joint to the desired angle.  Articulation can also be achieved by placing the camera head against a fixed object and pushing or pulling the head to the desired angle.  This is a real benefit when carrying out room/container searches as the camera doesn't need to be collapsed to carry out a full search.

The Pole is packed in a rugged shoulder bag for easy transportation and deployment.

Typical Applications

Utilities - Man Hole/Drain Inspection before descending or deploying fall arrest gear.  Site and height inspections can be carried out from ground level.

Emergency Services - Collapsed Building Inspection and safety checks.


1 x 4m Telescopic Camera Pole

Technical Data:

Camera Head and Telescopic Pole

Image Sensor 1/3" PAL

Resolution 420 TVL

Camera head Diameter 65mm

Sensitivity 0.0 Lux

Light Source 850mm LED's

Camera Working Temperature -10 to +55°C

Pole length

                    Collapsed 1.2 Mtr

                    Extended 4.0 Mtr   (18' available on request)

Waterproof to IP67

Weight Complete System 7kgs (Camera & Pole 3.5Kgs)

Model 562-902

Packing Dimensions:
•Pole - 1470cm x 15cm x 11cm

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4m Telescopic Pole Search Camera

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