• Viewline Reporting Software

Clear, Concise CCTV Survey Reporting Software.

Viewline has been designed to enable Drainage Contractors to produce professional CCTV survey reports at a price that doesn't break the bank. It is a one off license fee with free support for the first 12 months.

Viewline reporting software is MSCC5 compliant. 

Viewline uses mail merge to enable fast production of a remedial recommendation cover letter, saving back office duplication. Hard copy reports are produced in PDF format, which is an open standard for electronic distribution.

The result is a top quality drain condition reporting program at a very reasonable price to produce industry standard reports that your customer will easily understand.

Charged as an annual subscription for the program, support and upgrades. An Android App is also available which creates reports on manhole and other drainage assets.


    • Produce professional hard copy reports with pictures
    • Print to PDF facility
    • Loaded with a full set of MSCC5 standard codes and observations
    • Compatible with any CCTV survet system
    • Record live footage straight to your laptop while you report
    • Approved by the NADC
    • Import of video files to each section header
    • Will accept any video input
    • Impress your customers with a great CCTV report
    • 12 months comprehensive support provided.


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Viewline Reporting Software

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