• Industrial Endoscope 4mm or 6mm diameter

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Industrial Inspection Endoscope 4mm or 6mm diameter.

The Dart Industrial Inspection Endoscope / Borescope has a vinyl coated glass fiber flexible imaging bundle containing 7400 fibres which enables the inspection of the most inaccessible areas. With light provided by the powerful Xenon Light Source problems can be identified easily.

The 45° threaded mirror attachment provides increased vision perpendicular to the entry point adding increased functionality.

The cable can be immersed in water, oil etc. The cable should not be subjected to any temperature above 65°C.  The cable has a bend radius of 13cm, any further than this and the fibreoptic cables inside could break.

The Scope has a fully flexible shaft enabling it to be inserted into very small diameter apertures where it will track along the pipe / duct / cavity. This unit is ideal for Electricians, Automotive, Aerospace, Locksmiths, Mechanics, Law Enforcement, Gun Barrel Inspection etc etc


  • Scope
  • 3 x Spare Xenon Bulbs
  • 2 x C123A Batteries included
  • 45° Threaded Mirror Attachment
  • Aluminium Transit Case


  • Image Transfer - Optical
  • Resolution - 7400 pixel
  • Batteries - 2 x CR123A (Included)
  • Type of Bulb - Xenon
  • Brightness - 700 Lux
  • Bulb Life - At least 15 Hours

Available Options:

Part No 502-418 - Industrial Endoscope 4mm dia x 18"

Part No 502-436 - Industrial Endoscope 4mm dia x 36"

Part No 502-618 - Industrial Endoscope 6mm dia x 18"

Part No 502-636 - Industrial Endoscope 6mm dia x 36"

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Industrial Endoscope 4mm or 6mm diameter

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