• Universal Endoscope to Mobile Phone Adaptor

Universal Endoscope to Mobile Phone Adaptor

The RVA Smart-Clamp is the original Universal Endoscope to Mobile Phone Adaptor. Works with most camera phones and smart phones.

A phone/smart-phone handset is held in the device by 2 clamps fitted with high quality neoprene foam pads. Once fastened, a central eyepiece holder section may be moved horizontally to set a small window directly in front of the camera lens. Finally the endoscope eyepiece is secured into the holder.

Applications include: Cavity wall inspections, safe engineers scopes and automotive borescope inspections.

Technical Specifications:

Construction Material     Brushed finish black acetal plastic and stainless steel

Accepts handset up to 75mm width

Device accepts endoscopes with an industry standard 32mm diameter eyepiece

The Smart-Clamp will interface your handset with your endoscope eyepiece, but the resulting images are entirely dependant on the quality of your phone camera and the type of diameter of your endoscope.

Designed and made in the UK.



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Universal Endoscope to Mobile Phone Adaptor

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