• ITC Micro Fiberscopes

ITC Micro Fiberscopes

Fiberoptic fiberscopes for small diameter inspections

IT Concepts micro non-articulated Fiberscopes are intended for specific inspections of very small cavities, boreholes & pipes. The length of the scopes in each diameter can be chosen by the customer and has to be specified in millimetres before ordering.

All micro Fiberscopes are available in customer specific lengths up to 1.5m with a DOV of 0° and a FOV of 70° and come with a ACMI/Storz Light Post Adaptor and Carry Case.

The minimum bend radius of the Fiberscope is 20mm

 Available Options:

Part No Description Diameter Pixel Resolution
527-104-00500 Micro Fiberscope 0.5mm 8,000 Pixel
527-104-00700 Micro Fiberscope 0.7mm 10,000 Pixel
527-104-00900 Micro Fiberscope 0.9mm 10,000 Pixel
527-104-01200 Micro Fiberscope 1.2mm 10,000 Pixel
527-104-01400 Micro Fiberscope 1.4mm 10,000 Pixel
527-104-01600 Micro Fiberscope 1.6mm 10,000 Pixel
527-104-01900 Micro Fiberscope 1.9mm 10,000 Pixel



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ITC Micro Fiberscopes

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