• Hawkeye Pro Rigid Micro Endoscopes/Borescopes

Hawkeye Pro MicroSlim Endoscopes/Borescopes

For small bore inspections

The clarity and brightness of the Hawkeye Pro Slim Endoscope/Borescope brings out all the details in your subject. Every Hawkeye is designed with professional users in mind. These top of the line rigid endoscope/borescopes deliver bright clear detailed high contrast images. Every Hawkeye Endoscope/Borescope includes: the latest endoGRINS image relay lenses, multicoated objective lens, Super bright, portable superNOVA Light with rechargeable SuperNOVA Lithium-Ion batteries.
Kits include (there may be some variation depending on model ordered)

  • Hawkeye Pro Precision Endoscope/Borescope
  • 90° Mirror Tube
  • SuperNOVA Light and Charger
  • Rugged Hawkeye carrying case
  • Hawkeye cleaning kit

Light Source

The HawkEye SuperNOVA Light comes with all Pro Endoscope/Borescope kits. This xenon doped halogen light is bright enough for all but the largest and darkest cavities. It shows detail you would miss with a less powerful light.

 Available Options:

Pt No Description Dia mm Length mm FOV DOV
545-MS03-NVK Pro MicroSlim Kit 1.85 80 40°
545-MS05-NVK Pro MicroSlim Kit 1.85 120 40°
545-MS07-NVK Pro MicroSlim Kit 1.85 178 40°
545-PSS-04NVK Pro SuperSlim Kit 2.49 102 40°
545-PSS-08NVK Pro SuperSlim Kit 2.49 185 40°
545-PSS-10NVK Pro SuperSlim Kit 2.77 265 42°
545-PSS-14NVK Pro SuperSlim Kit 2.77 350 42°
545-PSS-17NVK Pro SuperSlim Kit 2.77 435 42°

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Hawkeye Pro Rigid Micro Endoscopes/Borescopes

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