• FORT Swing Prism Endoscopes

Swing Prism Borescopes by FORT/Vizaar

Rigid Borescope which can vary direction of view

The Swing Prism borescope has a prism at the tip that pivots, or swings, to vary the direction-of-view. A ring on the borescope body controls the prism direction. 

A second ring on the borescope allows the user to focus the scope and a third ring rotates the borescope tube over 360°, allowing the user to have a full view of the cavity.

Mechanics, Marine Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Nuclear Facilities use the Swing Prism borescope to examine cylinders, pistons, combustion chambers, turbines etc.

The unit requires a separate light source and light guide to provide illumination.

Please contact the Sales team if you require clarification.

Available Options: 

Part Number Diameter Length DOV  FOV
552-129 5.5mm 260mm    +45° to +110° 50°
552-130 5.5mm 460mm    +45° to +110° 50°
552-131 8.0mm 260mm +45° to +133° 50°
552-132 8.0mm 460mm +45° to +110° 50°
552-133 8.0mm 660mm +45° to +110° 50°
552-134 9.4mm 350mm +60° to +120° 35°



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FORT Swing Prism Endoscopes

  • Brand: FORT
  • Product Code: 552 Series

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