• Wireless SnakeCam 'Combo' Pack

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Wireless Snake Camera including 1 x 16mm, 1 x 9.5mm & 1 x 4.5mm Camera cable.

The 16mm and 9.5mm Diameter camera cable is obedient which means it can be formed and will retain the formed shape. The unit is also supplied with a set of accessories including a Mirror, Magnet and hook which allow for pulling cables, retrieving lost keys / tools and side viewing. The 4.5mm Camera Cable is a flexible cable which will follow the contors of a pipe but cannot be preformed into a shape and retain that shape.

The product is designed as a remote inspection device. It can be used to look into tight spots and beam back real-time video to monitor and record video / take pictures. Typical applications might include HVAC inspection, automotive inspection, cable routing, automotive / boat / aircraft inspection, etc.

The LCD Screen is detachable from the handset and switches to wireless operation once detached from the pistol grip and will work wirelessly to a distance of 10 Mtr unobstructed.

 3.5" TFT-LCD palm LCD monitor with resolution of 640*480; Includes 1 off 3' Extension Cable, 1 off replacement 9.5mm Camera cable & 1 off replacement 4.5mm camera cable.
Supporting many kinds of languages menus and featuring simple operation;
The image head and the cable are water resistant when the unit is fully assembled, but the monitor and camera is not;
Wired and Wireless function Compatible;
The monitor can record video and take pictures to the Micro SD card (not included) capacity up to 16G.
Comes in its own Blow Moulded Carry case.

Runs off 4 x AA batteries (not included)

Camera specifications
Imaging Sensor: CMOS
Total Pixels: 704X576 ( PAL ) ; 712X486 ( NTSC )
 Horizontal View Angle: 50°
Transmission Frequency: 2468MHz
Modulation Type: FM
 Bandwidth: 18MHz
Power Supply: 4 X AA batteries (Not included) 
 LED Lighting - 2 fully adjustable LED's
Unobstructed Effective Range: 10m
Waterproof Capacity: IP67 ( only for imager head )
Dimensions ( W * D * H ): 186 * 145 * 41 ( mm ) ( Exclude Flexible Tube )
Weight ( about ): 530g

Monitor specifications
 LCD Screen Type: 3.5" TFT-LCD
 Video System: PAL / NTSC
Transmission Frequency: 2414MHz, 2432MHz, 2450MHz, 2468MHz
 Charge Time: 3 hours
Work Time: 2 hours
 Weight ( About ): 140g

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Wireless SnakeCam 'Combo' Pack

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