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SECA Wireless Camera System

2 Part system Line of Sight 50m

The SECA DS100-DM Wireless Camera system provides a quick and safe system for inspection and surveys.
The system has been designed to allow inspections to be carried out on overhead structures and infra-structure or for wireless remote viewing. The Camera and Monitor work wirelessly with no cables connecting the two parts of the system. This allows the camera head to be connected to a range of poles or fixtures allowing for remote viewing of the images up to a range of 50 Mtrs.
 The Camera module has a universal mount allowing for the quick fitting and removal of industry standard Fibre Glass HV test poles (available in 1.2 Mr combinable lengths). When used with approved test poles the system allows for the safe inspection of overhead power cables and infrastructure. Adapters are available to fit the camera head to a range of telescopic or standard poles, specialist spikes or clamps if required.

The DS100-DM (Dual Monitor) can also be used to connect both a hard wired camera and wireless camera allowing for picture in picture or switchable between both interfaces. This also allows the DS100-DM to be used with the existing SECA camera range comprising of forward and side view cavity probes, drop cameras, telescopic pole cameras and drain inspection cameras.
 Full colour images can be viewed and recorded in daylight, automatically switching to black and white utilising 36 x 850nm IR LED’s in low light and complete darkness.
The monitor module provides a fully waterproof ruggedized viewing and recording console allowing video capture onto an SD card (up to 32GB).

 •    Pole Clamp
 •    Magnetic pole clamp
 •    Neck strap and bracket
 •    High Voltage 1.2 Mtr test poles and bags

DS100-DM Monitor
 •    5” Colour Monitor
 •    Lithium 11.1V Battery Pack
 •    Wireless 2.86Ghz Receiver
 •    Waterproof IP57
 •    SD Card Recording (JPEG or AVI)
 •    Battery life 7 hours

DS100 Camera Module
 •    36 x IR LED’s
 •    Lithium 11.1V Battery Pack
 •    Waterproof to IP57
 •    Illuminated on / off switch
 •    Unique 2 directional articulating camera head

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SECA Wireless HV Search Camera

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