• RIDGID PH-60C Hole Punching Head 52078

RIDGID PH-60C Hole Punching Head 

Designed for use with RIDGID® and other commercially available punch dies, the Punch Head is ideal for punching round, square and rectangular holes in mild steel plates up to 3 mm wall-thickness.

Effortlessly punch round holes up to 63,5 mm holes in 3 mm mild steel without burdensome ratcheting or pumping
360° head rotation enables maneuverability in tight spaces
Combine with other heads in the RIDGID QuickChange System™ to maximize efficiency and productivity on the job site
RIDGID Hole Punch Dies for quick and clean round hole punching without material jamming

Capacity  -  Punches up to 63,5 mm round holes, 92 × 92 mm square holes, 46 × 92 mm rectangular holes in max. 3 mm mild steel
Compatible with punch dies from RIDGID® and other manufacturers (sold separately)    
Interchangeable head is compatible with RE 60 Electrical Tool Kit featuring the RIDGID QuickChange System™    
Approximate Cycle Time   -  5 seconds
Weight  -  1.60 kg

Hole Punching Dies & Accessories

Part Number Description
411-44058 Hole Punch ST16 (16.2mm)
411-44063 Hole Punch ST20/PG13 (20.4mm)
411-44068 Hole Punch ST25 (25.4mm)
411-44073 Hole Punch ST32 (32.5mm)
411-44078 Hole Punch ST40 (40.5mm)
411-44083 Hole Punch ST50 (50.5mm)
411-44088 Hole Punch ST63 (63.5mm)
411-44093 Hole Punch PG16 (22.5mm)
411-44098 9.5mm Draw Bolt required for ST16/20/PG13/ST25 Punches
411-44103 19mm Draw Bolt required for ST32/40/50/63 punches
411-44108 Set of Spacers required for all Hole Punch sizes

Hole Punch Set includes ST16/20/25/32/40 Hole Punches

& Dies, 3 spacers, 2 Draw Bolts & 1 Pre-drill

* Hole Punches up to 25.4mm require the use of 9.5mm Draw Bolt (411-44098) and 1 x Spacer No. 4 included in the Set of Spacers (411-44108).

** Hole Punches larger than 25.4mm require the use of 19mm Draw Bolt (411-44103) and Spacer No. 1 and 2 included in the Set of Spacers (411-44108)

Please contact the office for price & lead time.

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RIDGID PH-60C Hole Punching Head 52078

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