RIDGID Micro HM-100 Temperature Humidity Meter

Measures Air Humidity and Temperature

The micro HM-100 Temperature Humidity Meter is a professional and easy to use device for accurately measuring air humidity and temperature. Both measured values (%RH and °C or °F) are instantly and simultaneously displayed on the Dual Backlit LCD.

Assessing Indoor Air Quality, Air Conditioning systems, Ventilation and Storage conditions is now only a matter of 'push on the button'.

The micro HM-100 also automatically calculates the Dew Point and Wet Bulb temperature while its Capacitance Sensor easily withstands the effects of condensation and high temperatures, making it perfectly suitable for any HVAC environment.

The HM-100 is supplied with a soft carrying case and 9V battery.


Power Source:          9V battery (included)

Display:                    41/2 Dual Backlit LCD

Measurements:         Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, Wet-Bulb

Humidity Range:       0% to 100% RH

Humidity Accuracy:   ±2% RH

Temp. Range:          -30°C to 100°C

Temp Accuracy:       ±0.5°C

Response Time:       30 Seconds

Sensor Type:          Capacitance

Data Hold:              Yes

Max/Min Values:       Yes

Auto Power Off:      Yes, after 15 mins (can be disabled)

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RIDGID micro HM-100 Temperature Humidity Meter

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