Inspection camera

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A steerable articulated videoscope allows technicians to control a camera on the end of a long, thin borescope or endoscope. A screen is fitted to one end, playing a live-feed from the camera attached to the other, so you can reach into and navigate around areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This means being able to look inside mechanical equipment without having to dismantle anything, or peer behind walls without having to cause any structural damage to a property.


One of the best steerable cameras is the VJ-STR Digital Steerable Videoscope

The VJ-STR Digital Steerable Videoscope, available from Dart, is one of the best such cameras on the market. The steerable camera end can be easily controlled using a thumb-activated joystick, with the slight movement of the thumb letting you orientate the view 90° in all directions. A trigger-activated image capture button and thumb-activated video recording button are placed just below the joystick, so the user is free to control the whole videoscope using just one hand.

High intensity LEDs illuminate the steerable camera tip, and can be easily adjusted to one of four different brightness levels, or else turned off entirely. Images and video can be viewed on a 2.4" TFT monitor, but you can also view them on a laptop via the USB port or removable Micro SD flash memory card.

This camera is used for a variety of purposes, though they are particularly useful for inspecting mechanical items. A steerable articulating videoscope can be inserted through a small drill-hole, so there is no need to substantially damage an item. More importantly, a steerable camera, unlike a common borescope or endoscope, can then be navigated to show exact parts of the area in question. The standard borescope or endoscope might work well when inspecting for pests or rot, but they cannot hone in on one area. This makes it easier to miss smaller problems and harder to get accurate pictures.

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