Telescopic Pole Cameras

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Telescopic cameras are used for a variety of purposes. Military and security personal can utilize them in order to check underneath or on top of vehicles entering secure areas, and fire and rescue organisations can use them to gain a quick but comprehensive look inside dangerous areas without having to send in personnel. However, telescopic pole cameras are also widely used in the construction and drainage industries.

While a more flexible camera system is needed to investigate blockages inside small-diameter piping, or inside drainage systems that contain a lot of bends and turns, a telescopic pole camera mounted on a rigid pole is just as useful for checking out large-bore systems.

They can be lowered down to provide a view of the area below before any men are sent down, or can be used to check for any blockages or other problems with no need for anyone to descend at all. Since the telescopic camera pole is simply lowered downwards, and less health and safety risks are present, both time and money are saved.

Maintenance teams also find that a telescopic camera saves them time. Needing to check around high areas, such as gutters, can be done without using ladders or scaffolding; the pole is simply telescoped to the right length.


One of the best products on the market is The SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera System

The SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera System is one of the best products to use for either purpose. A team will be able to extend the telescopic camera pole up to 4m, with images or video shown on an included 5-inch LCD monitor. The battery will last for up to 8 hours of constant use, the camera head can be articulated anywhere between 0° and 110°, and an infra-red setting allows users to capture clear black and white images in low light settings.

A telescopic pole camera can be used to provide a clear view of areas which are traditionally hard to reach, and all information can be stored on an SD card before being sent to a client or colleague. Whether you need to keep your gutters clear or save yourself from descending into unpleasant spaces, they make a perfect option.

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