• Dual Camera Cable 5.8mm

Replacement 5.8mm dia Dual Camera Cable

This is a 5.8mm diameter by 1m long camera cable which has a camera at the tip producing an image in Forward View and a camera situated at 90º producing a Side View.

The Forward View Camera has 4 adjustable LED lights whilst the Side View camera has 3 adjustable LED lights. This makes this cable ideal for inserting into pipework where you need to view both forward for any obstructions etc and also view the side wall for any defects etc.

The cameras work in alternate, i.e. you cannot view both images together.


Camera Cable with 2 directions 0º/90º 

Manually change from 1 to the other

4 LEDs on Front Camera, 3 LED's on Side Camera

Front Camera Focus 15mm~60mm

Side Camera Focus 15mm~60mm

Waterproof Rating IP67

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Dual Camera Cable 5.8mm

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