Q Series 2.8mm dia HD Articulating Videoscope

Small diameter 4-way Articulating HD Videoscopes

High definition, intelligent, convenient ——Q Series, adopting the latest digital high-definition image processing technology, with mega pixels and a 5.5-inch OLED big screen, to ensure clearer images. Even in strong sunlight, subtle defects can also be detected. In addition, this product adopts mechanical 360° rocker technology and replaceable insertion tube structure, with multiple camera options such as 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 6mm forward or dual or interchangeable cameras. Users can choose any according to their needs. One base unit with multiple insertion tube options, customers can get the best combination at the best price to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions.


5.5″ OLED touch screen, wider viewing angle, clearer display and more realistic colour reproduction; Even in strong sunlight, subtle defects can also be detected.

High-definition megapixels, new digital high-definition image processing technology, ultra-clear images

Interchangeable camera - forward, side view camera with white or UV light

Flexible articulation - mechanical 360° steering function, one-way articulation can be up to 220°

Probe has IP67 rating, can be submersed to 1 meter under water

Replaceable insertion tube – tubes with different diameter & length & specs can be replaced to meet different onsite applications.

Stand structure - stand structure design, for long-term use, it can support the videoscope on a platform; otherwise, magnetic stand is also optional. In special cases, the instrument can be attached to a metal surface for convenience of inspection.

Multi-display function - image can be simultaneously displayed on videoscope, smartphone and TV with wire or without wire, which makes it convenient to be shared with multiple people.


Power generation/ Automotive technology and transportation / Process industry / Aviation



Weight                        950g

Display screen            5.5″OLED touch screen

Screen resolution       See Below

Image direction           Rotate 180°, Mirror

Zooming in                 10 levels, 2.5 times

Image colour               Colour or Negative

White Balance              Auto and Manual

Joystick control            Mechanical rocker for 360°rotation

Automatic locking         Automatic probe locking

Functions                      Photo/video recording, brightness control, locking

Audio                            Support earphone connection

Memory                         32G (Max 128GB)

Data I/O port                  SD card port, HDMI video port, Type C charging port, USB port, software update port

Battery                           Two 18650 Lithium battery (Rechargeable)

Standby time                   4h

Operation Mode               Handheld portable

Brightness control            10 degrees brightness adjustment

External light                    White light, 365nm UV light

on host

Controlling Mode               Two multi-function mini joysticks

Insertion tube material       Tungsten-braided insertion tube

Camera articulation           0°to 180°

Bending angle                   0° to180°

Effective pixels                  45k to megapixels

Depth of Field(mm)           See model no. list.

Angle of view                    See model no. list.

Front probe                       Replaceable probe, one main body can match multiple probes.

Software Operation system            Real-time multitasking operating system

User interface                  Pop-up drive operation, menu navigation

File management            Support photo or video playback, delete, format

Image Editing                  Zoom in, playback, editing, graffiti, renaming etc.

Photo format                   BMP, PNG, JPG

Video format                    AVI, MP4

Language                        En, CN, Kr, De, RU, JP

Colour settings                Adjustable colour specifications

Exposure                         Adjustable exposure time

Measurement                  2D comparison measurement

Software update              Upgrade by SD card service pack

Operating environment Monitor/Probe working temperature     Monitor: -20~50°   Probe: -20°~70°

Relative humidity             95%

Waterproof                      Probe IP67

Text                                 Annotate Photo, Add Arrows/Comments
Available Options - (Please select from Drop down box above)
Part No: 525-9040100826 - 2.8mm dia x 1m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 400x400
Part No: 525-9040100817 - 2.8mm dia x 1.5m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 400x400
Part No: 525-9040100827 - 2.8mm dia x 2m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 400x400
Part No: 525-9040100857 - 2.8mm dia x 3m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 400x400
Part No: 525-9040101438 - 2.8mm dia x 1m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 720x720
Part No: 525-9040100899 - 2.8mm dia x 1.5m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 720x720
Part No: 525-9040100900 - 2.8mm dia x 2m, DoF 3-50mm, FoV 120°, Res 720x720

See PDF for ALL available options

If you would like a demonstration of these units please request a demonstration through the Contact Us page above.     

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Q Series 2.8mm HD Articulating Videoscope

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