• Hydraulic Sliding Wing Bender Model 3811S

Manual and electro-hydraulic benders for precision cold bending of standard gas pipes up to 4". Versatile, portable benders, ideal for on-site bending as well as machine construction, boiler making and industrial applications in general. Available with open, tip-up and sliding wing, providing piston forces between 50 kN and 200 kN.

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Single circuit hydraulic system with return spring for better control of the ram and precise bending.
_x000D_ Pressure relief valve protects the hydraulic system from over-pressurization (electric-models only).
_x000D_ Supplied in a wooden case and delivered with a set of bending formers for standard gas pipe applications and corner supports.
_x000D_ A wide range of accessories is available to cater for special bending applications.
_x000D_ Used for bending multiple bends in different angles.

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Part NoModel NoDescriptionCapacity (OD In)Weight
411-164013811SSliding Wing Bender3/8 - 1 1/4"46kg
411-164113812SSliding Wing Bender3/8 - 2"80kg
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Hydraulic Sliding Wing Bender Model 3811S

  • Brand: RIDGID
  • Product Code: 411-16401
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