• XLED PRO Videoscope Inspection System

The XLED PRO Video System is a small and highly portable Inspection System for all kind of infield inspections, The system contains the 2,4mm, 3,0mm, 4,0mm or 6,0 XLED PRO Videoscope with 2-way or 4-way Articulation combining in a unique way a high image quality with an attractive price.

IT Concepts offers different versions of the XLED PRO Probe:

  • with 2,4mm and 3mm you have to decide between 0° DOV (direction of view) or one 90° dedicated 90° DOV with a 90° FOV (field of view) 
  • with diameters of 4,0mm or 6,0mm and lengths from 1,5m to 7,5m the iLED System leaves nothing to be desired.

With the new High Power Fiberoptic-LED Hybrid-illumination and the iCAPTURE 7” Touch- Monitor it establishes a complete and easy to handle Video Inspection System. The XLED PRO Kit comes with the iCAPTURE PRO 7” Touch- Monitor or could be connected to any HDMI monitor with our HDMI ZOOM and HDMI PRO devices.It comes in Video Pro System Case (up to 4m length, IATA standard) or iRis Caseplus (from 5m length, non IATA).

Note that the optional i4 Side View Tip Adapter only fits on iRis DVR, iLED and iSeries 4mm with 60° Objective! * All 4mm Systems are “fix-focus”. Referring to this fix-focus the delivery set of these scopes does not include any objective, lens box or lens tool.

XLed Inspection Kit:

XLed PRO Videoscope Probe
 iCapture Monitor
AC Adaptor
XLed PRO carry case

 XLED PRO Inspection Systems Available Options:

Part No System Dia Length DOV/FOV
252-22010 22-10  2.4mm 1m 0°/90°
252-22015 22-15 2.4mm 1.5m 0°/90°
252-23010 23-10 3mm 1m 0°/90°
252-23015 23-15 3mm 1.5m 0°/90°
252-23010 23-10-90 3mm 1m 90­°/90°
252-23015 23-15-90 3mm 1.5m 90°/90°
252-44015 44-15 4mm 1.5m 0°/90°
252-44020 44-20 4mm 2m 0°/90°
252-44030 44-30 4mm 3m 0°/90°
252-44040 44-40 4mm 4m 0°/90°
252-46015 46-15 6mm 1.5m 0°/90°
252-46020 46-20 6mm 2m 0°/90°
252-46030 46-30 6mm 3m 0°/90°
252-46040 46-40 6mm 4m 0°/90°
252-46050 46-50 6mm 5m 0°/90°
252-46060 46-60 6mm 6m 0°/90°
252-46075 46-75 6mm 7.5m 0°/90°

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XLED PRO Videoscope Inspection System

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