RIDGID K-60SP Sectional Machine

For lines from 50mm (2") up to 150mm (6") up to 38m.

The RIDGID K-60SP is a versatile machine, suited to clean all pipes in the average house. (see Typical Applications below). The system comes with a choice of cable kits & A-61 Tool Kit.

See Available Options below.


  • Available with 230V (50Hz) reversible induction motor
  • 700W motor spins cable at 520 rpm
  • Instant-action cable clutch
  • Can be used with 4 different cable sizes: 8, 10mm with A17 adaptor and 16, 22mm sectional cables
  • Only need to remove 2 bolts to access clutch and belt drive units
  • Simple adjustment knob allows units to spin 16mm and 22mm cables
  • Handle centered for maximum stability

Kit Includes:

  • Left hand glove
  • Rear guide hose 3.7m long
  • 5 sections C-10 22mm x 4.6m Cable (23m)
  • A-8 Cable carrier
  • A-12 Coupling pin
  • A-3 Toolbox
  • T-101 Straight Auger
  • T-102 Funnel Auger
  • T-107 Spade Cutter
  • T-150-1 Sharktooth Cutter
  • T-125 Retrieving Auger

Available Options:

  • Cat No 66467 - K-60SP Machine with Mitt, A12 Pin Key & A-60-12 Rear Guide Hose
  • Cat No 66472 - K-60SP-SE Machine with Mitt, A12 Pin Key, A-60-12 Rear Guide Hose & A-61 Tool Kit, A-62 Cable Kit
  • Cat No 94497 - K-60SP-SE Machine with Mitt, A-61 Tool Kit, A-62 Cable Kit, A-25 Cable Kit
  • Cat No 66477 - K-60SP-SE Machine with Mitt, A-60-12 Rear Guide Hose, A-61 Tool Kit, A-62 Cable Kit, A-30 Cable Kit

Which cables to use:

For 30-50mm lines use 8mm x 7.6m cable with adaptor A-17-A

For 30-75mm lines use 10mm x 10.7m cable with adaptor A-17-B

For 50-110mm lines use 16mm cables up to 30m

For 75-150mm lines use 22mm cables up to 37m

A-61 Tool Kit includes:                                          A-62 Cable Kit includes:

  • T-101 Straight Auger                                           A-8 Cable Carrier
  • T-102 Funnel Auger                                            5 sections of C-10 22mm Cables
  • T-107 Spade Cutter
  • T-125 Retrieving Auger
  • T-150-1 Sharktooth Cutter
  • A-3 Tool Box
  • A-12 Pin Key

A-25 Cable Kit includes:                                         A-30 Cable Kit includes:

   5 sections of C-8 16mm Cables                                 6 sections of C-8 Cables

   A-10 Cable Carrier                                                      A-14-6 Hose Guide

   T-201 Straight Auger                                                  T-201 Straight Auger

   T-202 Funnel Auger                                                    T-202 Funnel Auger

   T-205 "C" Grease Cutter                                             T-205 "C" Grease Cutter

   A-13 Pin Key                                                                T-211 Spade Cutter

Typical Applications:

Sinks, drain lines, bathtub drains, minor root blockages, sewer lines etc.    

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RIDGID K-60SP Sectional Cable Machine 230V

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